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Service Policies

In order to ensure smooth daily operations, we ask that parents respect the following policies listed below:

Families must sign their child in and out each session. Families must contact by text if their child is going to be absent from their booking so that the educators are not looking for them after class.

The flexibility of a casual booking request will incur a $1 fee per session.

Non – prescription medications will not be administered under any circumstances. This includes Panadol, Nurofen, creams and herbal medicines. Prescribed medications will only be administered after families have completed a medication record. If your child suffers from Asthma or Anaphylaxis it is a requirement that medication and action plans are provided to be kept at the service.

Emergency contacts listed on your child’s enrolment form must be people other than the child’s guardians, and they must be able to collect your child in the event of an emergency. If someone is collecting your child the service will require written permission that can be used to check the person’s identification upon pick up.

Children exhibiting dangerous behaviours will be supported with individual behaviour plans collaboratively developed with Mini Miracles, the school teachers and the families. If a child’s behaviour puts the ability to provide duty of care to the remaining children at risk, alternate care may need to be arranged.

Mini Miracles fosters the development of independence and child awareness of personal safety. With the exception of kindergarten, please ensure that your child is aware that they are expected to walk from their classroom to after school care. If your child decides to catch a bus or go home with a friend before educators are able to locate them, educators will not be able to leave the premises or be held responsible. The educators will follow policy procedures, making every effort to locate your child and will contact emergency services to assist in the search if they have not arrived to after school care.

Families are expected to follow our grievance policy: If you are unhappy with anything that occurs at the service, you have the right to raise it immediately so the situation can be investigated and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Families are asked to raise any concerns directly with the service first with the educators who are interacting directly with the children daily. If resolution is not found at the service, management will then find a solution for the issue and provide you with an update as to what has been done to ensure whatever your concerns was has been answered and resolved. Our service has a great rapport with all families utilising our care, and relies on your feedback to ensure we are meeting the needs of the school community at all times.

Parents and carers are expected to communicate respectfully with the Mini Miracles team at all times. Aggressive conduct will not be tolerated. Please consider your words, tone and volume. No parent or carer is to approach another child at the service if they have a grievance it will need to be brought to the attention of the staff to follow up with other children.

Afternoon Tea caters to a range of cultures, tastes and nutritional requirements, and is designed as an afternoon snack (not a meal). Mini Miracles are also nut free we ask that parents do not provide any additional foods that may contain nuts, Peanut Butter or Nutella. Kiwi fruit is also a common allergen. Vacation care offers breakfast and afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea caters to a range of cultures, tastes and nutritional requirements, and is designed as an afternoon snack (not a meal). Mini Miracles are also nut free we ask that parents do not provide any additional foods that may contain nuts, Peanut Butter or Nutella. Kiwi fruit is also a common allergen. Vacation care offers breakfast and afternoon tea.

Families are expected to make appropriate arrangements to collect their child in the event that their child becomes sick whilst at OOSH if the educators contact them to collect their child early. Our service is not set up to cater for unwell children, and we endeavour to minimise the spread of infections at all times.

There may be the occasional accident / incident where an ambulance is required. If this occurs, parents will be contacted immediately, and the cost of the ambulance will be borne by the family. An educator will remain with your child and travel to the nearest hospital with them if necessary, until such time as a parent arrives.

Families are expected to collect their child or make necessary arrangements with an emergency contact prior to our closing time. Late fees of $5.00 per minute apply, and your position may be cancelled if pick up is repeatedly late.

Statements are available for viewing via the Xplor Home mobile app. Direct debit information will need to be entered to your Xplor account to confirm your booking, this is the only payment option available and is a condition of enrolment.

By completing the enrolment form, you acknowledge that our service caters to children with mixed abilities, additional needs and diverse developmental skills. You acknowledge that your child will be interacting with children from diverse backgrounds with mixed abilities and there is a risk of potential physical outbursts from other children. Our educators are not responsible for the impulsive physical actions of other children that is unable to be prevented if they suddenly hit, kick or hurt a child. The educators will follow up accordingly and implement plans for the duty of care of all if an unforeseen
physical incident occurs. Children exhibiting unsafe behaviour will be placed on a behaviour inclusion support plan to assist their ability to safely attend the service. If there is a concern for the safety and wellbeing of others, it may be determined that our environment can not meet the high needs of ongoing behavioural challenges at this capacity, and families may be advised to seek alternative child care arrangements.

Mini Miracles OOSH services close for a 3 week period in December / January

The enrolment will be cancelled following failure to comply with policies, display of unsafe or threatening behaviour, inability to meet the child’s needs, harassing staff / other families, sending an ill child to the service, consistent child-rearing style differences between the parents and the service, false information provided or failed payments.

2 weeks notice of cancellations is required, or normal fees apply. Casual bookings offer flexibility to choose different days each week but once a casual booking is requested the charges will apply even if the child is absent on the day.

Absences and cancellations during will be charged at the normal rate. Families cancelling booking requests will still be charged as staffing, excursions, food, equipment orders, activities, buses etc have already been organised.

In the event of an emergency, children may need to leave the premises for the safety of all parties. During our 3 monthly emergency drills it is imperative that we follow our drills to the evacuation points, which may require leaving the school premises. If a parent disagrees with this, they will need to notify the OOSH staff upon enrolment.


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